Directions for Using Liquid Colostrum for Gum Health

Why it works:

The immune factors in colostrum fight infection. The growth factors in colostrum regenerate body tissues.


To directly introduce liquid colostrum to the gums and specifically subgingivally.

Required equipment:

A WaterPik and WaterPik subgingival "Pik Pocket" tips. These tips have a soft, slender, pointed tip for irrigating the pockets between the teeth and gums. The tips can be purchased online. One link for buying them online is

The soft tips are not durable and tend to split after about one use. It is recommend to buy extras to have on hand.


(1) Simultaneously pour one 4-ounce bottle of liquid colostrum and 4 ounces of water in the WaterPik tank. It is necessary to dilute the colostrum because undiluted colostrum is tacky and will cause the WaterPik to "gum up" and stop working.

(2) Set the WaterPik to the lowest level of output, as stated in the "Pik Pocket" instructions.

(3) Irrigate between the teeth and gums with the Pik Pocket tip. The further into the subgingival space that the Pik Pocket tip can be inserted, the better will be results. Pause briefly in the spaces between teeth. The combined volume of eight ounces of fluid is adequate for a complete treatment.

(4) Immediately upon finishing the irrigation, flush the WaterPik with fresh tap water to remove colostrum residues.

(5) Put about one ounce of undiluted liquid colostrum in your mouth. Keep it in your mouth for about fifteen minutes, swishing it now and then through the gaps in your teeth.

Amount of colostrum required and frequency of treatment:

It is recommended to treat the gums about twelve times. This will require about 15 bottles of the liquid colostrum, counting three bottles for rinsing after irrigating. Similar benefit will be obtained whether treating once daily or once every several days.

Note: Synertek colostrum is not intended to replace the care of a dentist or dental hygienist. If you suspect you have gum disease consult with your dentist. Continue with regular brushing and flossing while using liquid colostrum.

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