Why 1st Six Hour Colostrum

About Colostrum Quality

Two Basic Facts:

• Colostrum quality begins to degrade immediately after calving.
• Colostrum rapidly loses quality after about six hours post calving.

The graph below shows "marker" levels typical of 0 hour colostrum and for 6 hour colostrum.

0 and 6 Hour Colostrum Graph

The next graph compares 9 samples of Synertek colostrum to 0 and 6 hour colostrum.

Synertek vs. 0 and 6 Hour Colostrum

The nine different batches of Synertek colostrum have marker values consistent with 0 to 6 hour colostrum. compared to New Zealand colostrum

Comparison With Other Colostrum Products

The products of eight leading competitors are compared to 0 hour and 6 hour colostrum in the graph below. This research was again conducted by a major United States university.

Competitors' Colostrum Products

None of Synertek's competitors in the study have marker values consistent with those of 0-6 hour bovine colostrum.

Degradation Over Time - Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry

The table below from the Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry (a college textbook) shows degradation over time post parturient.


Transition from Colostrum to normal milk table

About Immunoglobulin Content

Immunoglobulin content is only one measure of colostrum quality, but it is perhaps more frequently referred to than any other measure of quality. Note that liquid six hour colostrum has 5.30% albumin by weight, which is mostly immunoglobulin, while colostrum from twelve hours has 2.96% albumin. Much of the colostrum on the market is not even from the first twelve hours, but is collected over a period of 24 hours and from two or more milkings.

About Lactose Content

Lactose molecular structure

Lactose content has a great influence on allergic-like responses experienced by some individuals. Lactose intolerant individuals (regardless of body weight) can usually tolerate up to about 77 mg. lactose before a response is likely to occur. (Ley) With colostrum from the first six hours, such individuals can easily use 600 mg of colostrum without worry. Some persons with lactose intolerance can use larger amounts without experiencing lactose intolerance symptomatology.

Lactose content rises over time, and from the first milking through the subsequent several milkings. This is another gauge for determining quality of colostrum.

About Synergism

Nature, in her perfect way, has designed for the components of colostrum to complement each other. Working together in the correct proportions, they accomplish more than the sum of each component working independently. This is known as synergism. With colostrum from the first six hours, the components are in the proportions designed by nature to achieve maximum synergism. Only colostrum from the first six hours has the maximum synergism designed by Nature.

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