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The Many Health Benefits of Colostrum

What does colostrum contain and how does it work?

Clinical research, biochemical science, and reports of consumers indicate that colostrum has substantial benefit in regard to each of the following conditions. Colostrum has hundreds of components designed by nature to promote health strength, and vitality. Its many benefits exceed those below. Click on any link for more information.

Acid Reflux Digestive Disorders, IBS HIV, AIDS Pet Benefits
Allergies Gingivitis Immunity Prostate
Arthritis Healing  Lupus Stroke
Athletics Hemorrhoids Lyme Ulcers
Chronic Fatigue Hepatitis Nose Bleeds


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"This past Feb.2002, I began to experience pressure, swelling and pain in my abdomen. I went to my Ob/Gyn numerous times and she suggested that I have a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer. My condition was worsening to the point that I could hardly walk I was in so much pain. I had my colonoscopy on May 16, 2002 and the gastroenterologist said he "thought" I could have irritable bowel syndrome. So I began to read how colostrum could heal and have a beneficial effect on the colon and intestines, and I began taking your product May 28, 2002. By July 1, 2002 all of my symptoms were gone! I take it faithfully every day and other ailments have also improved. I have recommended it to all my friends and family and they too are experiencing very positive results. Thanks again for such a great product!"  -- Jane Geray, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

" I am telling everyone about this site. Would be happy to be emailed ( by customers or prospective customers to confirm what is said here. Not only is this the best place to shop but the advice is excellent, questions are answered, and the colostrum genuinely does work."
--Carole Horsman, United Kingdom

"Excellent results as represented in Synertek on-line information. Have spent hours researching colostrum and suppliers with the same outcome each time: THIS IS THE ONE! Matchless for quality and price."--J. Winter, Amarillo TX 

"After using a pound of your powder, I ordered two more pounds, which I just received. I use colostrum for my sinuses, allergies, and digestion. I was using New Zealand colostrum before and I believe that your colostrum is better." L.H., Las Cruces, New Mexico

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"I'd like to forward my testimonial to you because Colostrum has changed my life.  I was diagnosed about 12 years ago with a degenerative disk.  Over the years, I have had therapy, used heating pads, ice packs, Advil, exercises and sleeping with a pillow between my knees to help alleviate the pain.  I have literally had chronic back pain for 12 years.  Some days were worse than others.  Sometimes the pain would bring me to tears.  Most recently over the past couple years, it has caused me not to do some everyday activities - standing, sitting, walking, washing my car etc.  I started taking colostrum without any knowledge of the benefits it claims.  After about 2 months, my back pain is about 90-95% gone.  I seldom have any pain and when I do, just sitting down for about 10 minutes relieves it. It's been a miracle and I didn't realize how much pain I was actually living with.  I've also noticed my hair and nails grow faster, I have more stamina and don't get that lethargic tired feeling at the end of the day and I have been able to double my cardio workouts.  I've told my family and friends about this because I hope it can help them like it's helped me.  It's been an absolute miracle. I'm a true believer." --Linda, Manassas, Virginia

"The quality of your product is superb! Results in just weeks! And the best deal on colostrum anywhere. Keep up the good work and please stay in business. I never want to run out of Synertek colostrum."
--Gary Allen,  Waldo, Florida

"I noticed remarkable effects after taking Synertek colostrum powder. Symptoms of an overactive bladder are greatly reduced. The other improvement is that for years I have not been able to sleep on my back. As I would completely relax just before deep sleep, my throat would close and air would come out my mouth and wake me up with a start. My throat no longer seizes up and  I now can sleep comfortably and wake up fully rested after a good nights sleep. I haven't contacted you sooner because I wanted to be sure of the results. I AM VERY PLEASED. Thank you Synertek for a really great product. I am recommending it to everyone." --Carole Jachlewski, Hobby Hill Kennels, Wolf Den, Aviary and Supply, Pauline, SC 29374

"I have just started using colostrum and my sinus condition upon waking up seems to be going away. I have more energy and also I feel much better." --Charles, Port Jefferson Station, New York

"I believe in it. When you farm, and outfit hunters like I do here in Wyoming, it helps to have all the strength, energy, and endurance you can muster. Colostrum allows me to do and enjoy more than I ever thought possible after I reached middle age."  --A.J., Laramie

"I have been using your product for about 4 weeks and I have so much more energy, and I cannot remember when I have felt so good. I am getting stronger at the gym. I think the product is awesome. I have some friends that tell me that they tried colostrum years ago and they thought it did not work, and they tell me that there is no possible way that your body can absorb colostrum. But I know how I feel, and I have been telling everybody how good it makes me feel. Thank You ......Myles"
--Myles Holmes, Fort Pierce, Florida

This dietary supplement is great. I have IBS and this is the first supplement that has helped me. I am unable to use dairy products but this gives me no problems. My father is 84 years young and refuses to take anything. He loves these Lozenges. THANK YOU.  --Catherine Oliphant, Baldwin, New York

Note: There are no side effects with colostrum, in either the short or long term. Throughout centuries of use by millions of persons, there is no know report of colostrum harming anyone under any circumstance.

Evidence of the anti-aging effect of colostrum

In The American Journal of Natural Medicine (March 1998), Dr. Zoltan Rona, referring to the growth factors in colostrum, cites a study which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (323:1-6, 1990). In the study, Dr. Daniel Rudman treated 26 men between the ages of 61 and 80 with GH. Dr. Rudman found a decrease in body fat, an increase in bone density and lean muscle mass, and thicker, more elastic skin, changes Dr. Rudman said were equivalent to those incurred over a 10 to 20 year period of ageing.

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