Why lozenges?



Why lozenges?

Colostrum is activated in the mouth by saliva - via babes at breast, suckling calves, and you and I, with flavorful, chewable lozenges.

Lozenges approximate nature's design. All mammals, including humans, at birth receive and benefit from colostrum. All newborn mammals receive colostrum orally, and not in an encapsulated form which bypasses the mouth, throat, and pharynx, where vital biological processes occur. Encapsulation is not part of the scheme designed by nature. Processes initiated by colostrum lozenges dissolving in the mouth are crucial to colostrum efficacy; these include salivation, buffering, and enzymatic and neurological responses.

A large body of scientific evidence indicates that there are numerous immunological receptors in the mouth and throat that are activated by colostrum and provide protection against invading microorganisms.

When used in lozenge form, colostrum is available to provide direct protection against infection in the mouth, gums, throat, and larynx.

Colostrum mixes with saliva and forms a protective, mucus-like coating that keeps the colostrum from being degraded by digestive enzymes. With lozenges it is not necessary to flush the colostrum through the stomach with water.

"We have been taking Colostrum for 4 years but have felt far better with your colostrum.  There really is a big difference!"  --D. and G. Rule, Sapulpa, OK

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